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Shadow of the Ghost

Chaos reigns as warring gods engulf an entire planet in their conflict in Shadow of the Ghost, an epic fantasy by Tanner, an author who places the universe in the precarious
hands of Ky, an unpredictable elven child. Their planet is a place where the spirits of creation are suffocated by unbridled power that must be checked. Rachk'sha believes that all creation is his to manipulate as he wishes. With no remorse, he imprisons his brother, an old man, and begins to replace the gods, The Nine and the Council of Darkness, as if it were a game. The planet turns crimson, and Maker decides to send Ky, a Seed, to set things right. Ky has his work cut out for him. Denied his coming of age and exiled in a cruel world, Ky must first deal with his own ghosts before he can seek meaningful justice. He chooses to take revenge in which the backlash might prove to be the universe's undoing.

Legacy of the Ghost

The Nine and The Council of Darkness begin seeking replacements for the members they had lost during the conflict with Rachk'sha. Meanwhile, Ky prepares the Inheritance Ceremony he had to deny his triplets to protect them. Not wishing to see harm come to his children again, he, with The Lady's help, plans a uniquely special gift.

Unknown to Ky, the old goblin had been absorbing residual magic by tracing the runes Ky placed on the walls of the goblin caves many years ago. Now the goblin craves magical knowledge and finds Mistress, an albino necromancer. Together, they plan to become gods in their own right. To do this, they must steal the power of one of the current gods. In the process they carve a path of deception, betrayal, and blood.




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