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Shadow of the Ghost Glossary

Ceremony of Flesh-to-Flesh: Rare ceremony performed when two sets of elven twins lose a twin. This ritual joins the spirits of the surviving twins so they may live out the rest of their lives complete. It also joins the spirits of the deceased twins so they may make the final journey as a complete spirit.

Ceremony of Grief-Binding: This ceremony is enacted when one elven twin dies. The second twin, being incomplete, chooses to make the final journey with their deceased twin.

Cragsguard: Small human keep situated south of the high-elven territories and governed by the Maltar family. The Nine spent most of their early careers here.

Dismemberers: Six armed beasts with grey, boil-covered bodies that serve Rachk'sha. These creatures specialize in killing by ripping bodies apart.

E.H.: Abbreviation for Elven Histories that is used to designate dates after the histories came into being.

Earth: Planet that served as the prison for the old man and Little Ky.

El'aseala: The home planet of Ky and his friends and enemies.

Elves: On the planet El'aseala, there are five races of pureblood elves. Four of these were created by Tasenta Somar. The four races he created, in order of creation, are: eldar-elves, high-elves, deep-elves and sea-elves. The fifth race is the wild-elves who are offspring of the eldar and high-elves. There is also a wide variety of halfelves. Most of these are elven/human in nature. There is evidence that elves also mated with the merpeople, dwarves and, to a lesser extent, goblins.

Inheritance Day: Originally the day elven fathers would present their sons to the elven council to be accepted into elven society. During the first war between the elves and humans, it became necessary to allow mothers to present their children. It was at this time that the daughters started receiving their coming of age rites. The ceremony is held on the child's tenth birthday. An elf refused its inheritance will stop maturing and is expected to die.

Inheritance Prophecy: After an elven child receives its inheritance gift, an elder speaks his future. The prophecy is protected by magic and cannot be remembered after the ceremony ends. It is designed to guide the elf's spirit to fulfill its destiny in the world.

Seed: A very powerful child created by Maker to act as Maker's justice. Unlike Maker, Seeds are not perfect and can be very unpredictable.

Spirit Sending: Elven ceremony that calls a spirit of a fallen elf back to its body then sends it to be rejoined with the fabric of the universe by way of cremation.

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