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Who's Who in Shadow of the Ghost

Archos: Race: human. Leader of The Nine, married to Delmaria. His specialty is the arcane as well as history. His mastery of magic gives him control of the most complicated spells. His worshipers generally include librarians, scholars and mages.

Council of Darkness: One of the two councils of gods and goddesses that rule over the planet El'aseala. This council is led by Karnak.

Daelann: Race: high-elf. Member of The Nine. Twin brother of Taelann. His specialty is the rhythms of nature. His mastery allows him to sense all forms of life. Though he rarely uses the ability, he can also focus his powers to alter lifeforms. His worshipers generally include druids and farmers.

Delmaria: Race: human. Member of The Nine. Married to Archos. Her mastery of magic rivals that of her husband. Eventually, her powers increase beyond Archos. She usually augments what Archos is doing. She can be quite formidable on her own. Her worshipers generally include mothers, children and those interested in magic.

Eleana: Race: Eldar-elf. Oldest and only girl of Ky and Laena's triplets. Eleana specializes in healing and rogueish skills.

Erishen: Race: Sea-elf. Member of the Council of Darkness. She is a master of illusion and deception. She is worshiped by sea-elves.

Fury: Race: Human. Member of the Council of Darkness. Fury is a dark knight and extremely evil. He is a ferocious fighter and very talented with dark magic. He has a dislike for levers. His worshipers include mercenaries and dark knights.

Illya: Race: Human ghost. First life-mate of Ky and mother to Little Ky. Illya lingers beyond her death and runs the farm as a sanctuary for those that need one.

Karnak: Race: Thantor. Leader of the Council of Darkness. Karnak's primary power is hunting. There is nothing (except Ky) that can escape him once he decides to hunt it. His worshipers are thantors.

Ky: Race: Eldar-elf. Member of The Nine. Lord of Chaos. Also called Black Eyes derisively. He is The Seed which enhances his powers and ability to learn more than other members of The Nine. He is a master of fire, lightning, archery and swordsmanship. He focuses his magic through precious gems and prefers to use very simple spells.

Ky II: Race: Eldar-elf. Youngest of the triplet children of Ky and Laena. Ky II resembles his father most in appearance, behavior and chaotic nature.

Lady, The: Primary goddess of the universe which includes The Milky Way. Creator of Karn-Rachk'sha and Tasenta-Somar. Mother of Simon and Ky.

Laena: Race: Eldar-elf. Second life-mate of Ky. Mother to triplets, Eleana, Tal, and Ky II.

Little Ky Race: Half-elf (human & eldar-elf). Son of Ky and Illya. Conceived when The Seed magic in Ky mixed with the spell cast on Ky by a goblin and the magic that held Illya to the world as a ghost.

Maker: Supreme creator. Created the four universes and their primary gods and goddesses.

Micah: Race: Human. Orphan taken in by the fictitious chorister school in Vienna who becomes a friend of Little Ky.

Mie'arma: Race: Skeleton. Member of the Council of Darkness. Mie'arma is a master of the necromancing arts. He is very untrusting and self-centered. His worshipers include lichs, undead and those who seek mastery of dark magics.

Nine, The: One of the two councils of gods and goddesses that rule over the planet El'aseala. This council is led by Archos.

Old Man, The: Brother of Rachk'sha. One of the two galactic gods of The Milky Way. He prefers appearing as an elderly human. His name is Tasenta-Somar but prefers to be called "old man."

Rachk'sha: Brother of Tasenta-Somar (old man). One of the two galactic gods of The Milky way. He prefers appearing in the guise of a humanoid cat. Also known as Karn-Rachk'sha.

Sage Tas'lin: First born male of the High-elves. He is the writer of the Elven Histories and still resides in the capitol city as a permanent advisor to the high-elven kings.

Selia: Race: Human. Member of The Nine. Selia is the Lady of Truth and Law. She believes, as do her followers, that if it is not right, it is wrong. She excels in swordsmanship and can determine truth in all things. Her followers are holy knights.

Simon: The Seed. Simon had been sent to El-aseala to eliminate the problems caused by Rachk'sha. When he became unnecessary, The Lady brought him back to The Garden. He later returns to assist Ky when Rachk'sha started causing problems again.

Stan: Father of Delmaria and grandfather to Illya. He owns and runs the Cracked Anvil in Cragsguard.

Stumpy: Race: Dwarf. Member of The Nine. Stumpy specializes in melee combat and earth magic. His favorite weapon is an axe. His followers are dwarves.

Symplex: Race: Half-orc (human & orc). Member of The Nine. He is a master at all weapon types and melee. The sight of his face causes terror to all that see it (except Ky and Simon). His worshipers include militia and half-breeds.

Taelann: Race: High-elf. Member of the Nine. He is the twin brother of Daelann. Taelann's specialty is nature magic and tracking. His followers include rangers and hunters.

Tal: Oldest of the male triplets of Ky and Laena. Tal is most like his mother and least like his father.

Tiasha: Race: Sucubus. Member of the Council of Darkness. Wife of Fury. She is the goddess of deception and lust. Her followers are prostitutes and thieves.

Tobit: Race: Human. Member of The Nine. Tobit specializes in healing magic. He is very even-tempered and empathetic. He has a special talent for ending disputes. His worshipers include clerics and magistrates.

William, Herr: Headmaster of the fictitious chorister school where old man and Little Ky spend their imprisonment.

The author

TANNER was born in Baltimore, Maryland, but now makes his home in Suffolk, Virginia with his cat, Kara. The recipient of a Bachelor's Degree in Education and a Master's Degree in Human Resources, Tanner now explores the world of writing in his first novel Shadow of the Ghost. After many years of creating an exciting mathematical universe for middle school students, he steps from the ordered chaos of the classroom to the unpredictable, yet exhilarating universe of his main character Ky, Lord of Chaos. Inspired by fantasy greats such as Terry Brooks and Piers Anthony, Tanner uses writing as the vehicle by which he propels his imagination into a reality for those seeking a fantastic adventure.

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