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Mythology of the El'aseala Universe

The Universal Picture

Above all is the supreme being, Maker. Maker created the four universes. With each universe, Maker created a god or goddess to oversee that universe. These are: The Lord, The Lady, The Duke and The Duchess. Each is a separate entity and has no knowledge of the other three.

Shadow of the Ghost takes place in The Lady's universe. The Lady created lesser gods and goddesses and gave each pair a galaxy in which to create and nurture life. For the Milky Way galaxy, she created Tasenta-Somar and Karn-Rachk'sha.

The El'aseala Mythology

Originally, the Eldar-Elves worshiped Tasenta-Somar. Karn-Rachk'sha became jealous of this and planned to annihilate the elven race. To prevent this, an agreement was reached that two councils of planetary gods would be created and Tasenta-Somar would fade into legend.

Peace reigned on the planet for many thousand years. Then, Karn-Rachk'sha became bored with the planetary councils and sought to replace them. His actions sparked the first war between the elves and the humans. His brother, Tasenta-Somar, managed to persuade Karn-Rachk'sha to turn away from his destructive plans. Unknown to the two gods, a Seed had been sent by The Lady and Maker. With the struggle ended, The Seed returned to The Lady's garden. Both gods felt the leaving of The Seed. Karn-Rachk'sha imprinted the innocence-signature of The Seed within himself so that he could tell if and when it returned.

After several thousand years, Karn-Rachk'sha began making new plans for replacing the planetary councils. Maker, knowing of Rachk'sha's imprint, sent a new Seed by way of The Lady. This Seed was denied his coming of age which would give him his full powers to deal with Rachk'sha, and Rachk'sha was able to replace the old councils with two new councils: The Nine and the Council of Darkness.

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